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University of Utah Programme

University of Utah/Pediatrics - Shakti Krupa Trust Current Health Programmes

Birth asphyxia is the most common cause of newborn death in India resulting in 300,000 deaths annually. With simple newborn resuscitation measures ~90% of all asphyxia cases can be averted, yet most health providers conducting deliveries do not possess these life saving skills. This project, a collaboration between Primary Children’s Hospital/Intermountain Healthcare, the University of Utah - Office of Pediatric Global Health, the Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust and the Indian Academy of Pediatrics/Gujarat Ministry of Health, will fill this skill gap by introducing a standardized newborn resuscitation training program to health professionals in Gujarat involved in newborn care, improving critical case management skills of providers – Indian Newborn Resuscitation Program (INRP). The training curriculum, materials and mode of teaching are based on American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines (Helping Babies Breathe – HBB) following principles of adult learning theory and using previous experienceof conducting similar trainings in several other low-income nations. When completed, this project will have trained over 16,000 health providers in Gujarat state and will feature a novel web based birth outcome tracking system. Our project provides master trainer courses, establishes training centers in several districts for future trainings and collaborates with the government on disseminating INRP throughout Gujarat.